The SC Freiburg and the VfB Stuttgart separated on Sunday evening at 18 o’clock draw 3:3. For both teams it was the first point win of the still young season. In an entertaining game there was a double goal scorer on both sides. The Freiburgers also did not finish the game with all eleven players.

The sports club went into the second home game with a queasy feeling. The team did not look good against VfB in the last few years. In the first league there was only one victory for the Freiburg team over its Stuttgart neighbour in the last seven years. In addition, six of the last seven duels were all lost. It was encouraging that VfB arrived with zero points. Like the SC, the Swabians were still waiting for their first success of the season. In Breisgau a lively game developed immediately. Even before the first minute of play was over, the bell had already rung. After losing a ball in midfield, Freiburg countered at lightning speed. Frantz found Gondorf, who headed the remarkable 1:0 for the host after only 47 minutes. After the early lead, the game splashed away until there was more excitement.

Double goal scorer Gomez

Shortly before the break Petersen could have scored the 2-0, but goalkeeper Zieler saved for the duped world champion Pavard. The VfB came in the 44th minute but still to equalize. An accidental cross from Castro landed at Insua. The Argentinian caught the ball perfectly and scored a beautiful goal to 1-1. The second half began similarly to the first, but with reversed signs. Mario Gomez came to the shot in the 48th minute, but Schwolow parried brilliantly. The VfB striker, however, took a dusty second and marked the lead. But this only lasted three minutes. Beck played the ball with his hand, followed by a free-kick from a dangerous position for the SC. Gondorf took the ball and the ball found its way into the goal, Freiburg celebrated his double goal scorer. Mario Gomez also scored a second time. Only five minutes later (56th) he caught a cross from Insua and brought his Stuttgart team back into the lead.

Deserved compensation and shortfall

The Freiburgers clearly noticed the new residue. It took them a few minutes to collect again. Christian Streich brought Luca Waldschmidt, who should still secure a point. The attacker hit the crossbar in the 71st minute and missed the 3:3 by a hair’s breadth. Ten minutes later the former Hamburg player made it better. In the right corner of the penalty area he got the ball, Pavard falsified untenably. After the 3:3 the Freiburgers had to survive an urge phase of the VfB. Stenzel flew after repeated foul play with money red from the field and the SC concentrated from now on on the defensive. The first point of the season should not be in danger again. In injury time, Pavard had another chance to score, but it remained a well-deserved draw. Both teams were happy about their first point and left the direct relegation ranks. Stuttgart will play next week against Düsseldorf, Freiburg will guest at the strong VfL Wolfsburg.