As one of the newcomers we present you in our extensive test about the bookmaker. Meanwhile one thing is clear: The operators of are also sports betting fans! With the “Value Town” bonus campaign, the betting provider surprised us and shows us what makes it so special. But can also score points away from the bonus offers. High odds, numerous sports in the betting offer and many other features not only bring a bettor excitement, but also a lot of fun.

The bonus “Value Town” is something completely different, which so far only very few bookmakers have put together in this way. Through betting options that you didn’t even know existed, players can get higher odds and thus of course a higher profit. Often these are combined tips that become a combination. In addition, betting possibilities such as ?a coach must on the Tribune, and its team wins nevertheless?, can occur in this action and make the bet offerer therefore so special. We looked ourselves the offer of the Wettportal more exactly and want to show you, where you find the unusual bets.

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Football, tennis and basketball and many further kinds of sport

Even if the football stands with most bookmakers in the foreground, numerous further kinds of sport with bets are offered. Also with this is to be observed, so that almost each kind of sport possesses also their own bets.

With the bonus “Value Town” betting friends can place even the strangest bets at and thus increase their winnings. Most of the betting options offered here are standard betting options. Nevertheless, there are bets that cannot be found at any other betting provider.

By merging the different betting options, often a significantly higher odds are offered. If a bettor would bring these tips individually on a betting slip, the odds would not be so high, so that by the bonus action a higher profit is offered.

Examples for the bonus offer of

Many betting providers have their own “combination bet generator”. Here the most diverse betting possibilities are united, so that a Tippschein develops, on which a Tipper would never have come alone.

As you can read in the name of the bonus promotion, these are “value bets”. Value means “valuable”. In sports betting circles one speaks of a value tip if one is very sure that the betting slip wins. Value is also referred to when a bookmaker offers a significantly too high odds. Even if it’s an outsider tip, it’s a valuable bet.

If a tip is really a value bet, every bettor has to decide for himself. Since each Tipper possesses different feelings, starting from when a quote is really valuable, the so-called value cannot be quantified always clearly. offers numerous unusual betting possibilities. In the bonus range of the bookmaker three bet donations can be found, on which a Tipper would have come so surely never.

    • De Bruyne scores a goal, Salah Torvorlage Sokratis sees a yellow card.
    • Red card, Over 3.5 goals head ball goal in the game.

liliA coach must go to the stands, and his team wins anyway.

Alongside the tips put together, it can also be observed that the third betting option is hardly available at any other bookmaker. Thus the bet offerer offers still more tension and fun with a sport bet.

Where one finds the special bets

Leider gives it no separate range, which indicates all unusual bet possibilities. So to find a Value Town bet you need to be patient and take a closer look at the games.

If you are interested in a game, you should open it and take a closer look at whether a Value Town bet is offered. Most of the time, however, the unusual bets are at the end, as the standard bets are offered before.

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