The 1st FC Cologne opens the eleventh matchday with an immensely important home match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. On Friday evening at 20.30 o’clock the billy goats must win, otherwise a serious crisis threatens. With a defeat the end could be sealed by coach Achim Beierlorzer.

So the FC had not imagined the return into the federal league. After ten matchdays they are in 17th place with seven points. Only two games could be won. Also beside the place prevails no peace. Sport board member Armin Veh announced to take his hat after the season. Coach Achim Beierlorzer is about to be thrown out. A few days ago it was decided to give him one last chance. Veh is said to have spoken out in favour of the coach. The match against Hoffenheim could, however, break Beierlorzer’s neck if he again beats him. The TSG, on the other hand, are in a good mood. The most difficult game of the season for FC Bayern was the turning point five weeks ago. Meanwhile they have 17 points and are in the middle of the big top group. If you win in Cologne, you could jump into the international places and even overtake FC Bayern.

Purpose-optimism in Cologne

The favorite role is clear. Beierlorzer is still fighting before a final and does not want to give up the three points. “We need points. We also discussed this with the team. We have to shake off the past away games. Tomorrow we’ll have another chance to score three points and want to invest everything to march in the right direction. I’m confident that this team will be able to beat Hoffenheim,” said the FC coach. His own future is not the focus. The Hoffenheim team have all won the last four games, and coach Alfred Schreuder is determined to expand this series. “We don’t have to win the game, but of course we want to. We want to be self-confident and play our own game. We have to focus on our game. We need all the time and energy. There’s no point in just looking at your opponent.”

If finally another victory is possible?

A victory of FC against Hoffenheim the fans of the billy goats have not experienced for a long time. In the first league there have been 16 matches so far. TSG won six times, Cologne four times. The most recent duels, however, did not exactly go in favour of the promoted team. In the 2017/18 season, the team had two solid failures. They lost 0:3 and 0:6 against 1899. Serge Gnabry and Mark Uth were the most convincing players in the 6:0 victory. To the delight of the Cologne team, both players are no longer in the Kraichgauer jersey. The FC has to get a grip on its defensive holes. There have been 21 goals so far, that’s 2.1 per game. Only Mainz (27), Paderborn (25) and Augsburg (24) scored more goals. But the attack is even more worrying. Mickrige nine goals stand so far to book. Can you find a balance against Hoffenheim? If it does not succeed, Beierlorzer is finally facing the end.