The Black Forest Stadium is the venue for the duel between SC Freiburg and FC Augsburg. This gives the Freiburg team the best chance to celebrate another success on Saturday 21 September 2019 at 15.30 hrs. Although the experts don’t even get a hold of themselves anymore because of the run of the Freiburgers, we want to dampen the expectations a bit. The SC has not yet had a strong opponent to play against. But also on the 5th matchday it goes against the Fuggerstädter and not against a top club. With it we begin our 1st Bundesliga Wett-Tipp forecast. The following paragraphs contain the sports bet comparison, which serves as basis of our betting tips.

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SC Freiburg vs. FC Augsburg in fast run

  • Paarung: SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg
  • Competition: 1. Bundesliga 2019/20
  • Round: 1st matchday
  • Opening: Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 15:30 pm
  • location: Schwarzwald-Stadion, Freiburg
  • SC Freiburg: 3rd place, 9 points, 10:3 goals
  • FC Augsburg: 14th place, 4 points, 6:10 goals

1. Bundesliga betting tip prediction: Number games

  • 10 wins: Out of 22 direct duels go to SC Freiburg
  • 7 hits: Also collected the Augsburgers; remain 5 draws
  • Over 2.5: Goals were scored in 7 of 8 matches of both teams in addition
  • 10 Goals: SC Freiburg scored and FC Augsburg cashed
  • third place: The Freiburg team is currently ahead of Bayern Munich in the table!

1. Bundesliga prognosis: Form curve of the teams

When will we ever be able to call out safe betting tips at SC Freiburg? But in our 1st Bundesliga forecast we find the team from Breisgau on the third place. This means they are currently ahead of the record champion in the table. Because the Streich-Truppe could win three of the four games so far. The drop in the bucket: There was not such a strong opponent. First the Freiburg team won 3:0 against Mainz and then 3:1 in Paderborn. Besides there was the 1:2 bankruptcy against Cologne and the 3:0 in Sinsheim.

Had Augsburg initiated the turnaround?

The Fuggerstadters didn’t do that well. Right at the beginning it was to be foreseen that it could be a difficult year. After 90 minutes it was 1:5 in Dortmund. After that it came to 1:1 at home against the rising Union Berlin. Furthermore there was the 2:3 in Bremen. Finally, the Augsburg team won against Eintracht Frankfurt for the first time this season. It was a tight game in which FCA was not always the better team. In the end, however, the 2:1 and the three points count.

Evaluation: According to this summary, SC Freiburg is the favorite.

Statistical and direct comparison

Both clubs know each other from the league. From 2006 to 2009 they were second league teams. And from 2011 there were some more matches in the Bundesliga. In our 1st Bundesliga forecast we fall back on a total of 22 matches, of which the Freiburg team won ten. Another seven victories go to Augsburg. Which leaves five draws to go. Here are the last five results: 5:1, 1:4, 2:0, 3:3 and 1:1. Freiburg is slightly ahead here. And so their home games against the Augsburg team ended: 5:1, 2:0, 2:1, 0:3 and 2:0. 80 percent victories for the SC.

Are there many goals to be expected?

So far we have impressively determined in our betting tips from professionals that Freiburg is the favourite. However, a little contrast would do our recommendations good. Therefore we look at the goals. First the previous league games of Freiburg: 3:0, 3:1, 1:2 and 3:0. There are always over 2.5 goals – although it was scarce some times. And what about Augsburg? The games ended with 1:5, 1:1, 2:3 and 2:1. Here, too, 75 percent of the time was over 2.5, which also occurs relatively frequently in a direct comparison.

Evaluation: The tip on Freiburg and possibly on goals is the route we prefer. Let’s see what the odds are.

Wetting tips today for SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg

Finally we decided against a sports bet on goals in our 1st Bundesliga forecast. We think the tips on SC Freiburg are simply more promising. Because the SC not only won three of the four league games so far. They also won in four out of five matches in direct comparison to their own home matches. And FC Augsburg did without victory in at least three of the league’s four matches. That’s what our first bet is based on.

How good are the odds for SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg?

Because we bet on the double chance 1X. Here Freiburg may win or the game ends with a draw. In this case we are happy about our odds of 1,30 at Tipico – tax free. In addition, we can bet directly on the SC Freiburg at Interwetten. In return we get a 2.00 odds. Finally even the Interwetten Bonus Code is an option. We improve our account and play at the same time the 1 handicap 0:1. After all, we get a 3.70 quote for it.

Evaluation: Freiburg won his three league victories with advantage. And three of the last five home games against Augsburg were also won with difference. The 1 handicap 0:1 is a strong bet.

Recommendations from the editors

You want to place a bet on this game with low, medium or high risk? Then we have three suitable sports bets, the selection of which we also explain below.